Francesco Cavina

Action is a better source of inspiration than inspiration itself.

A bit about me

I am a 3rd-year Econometrics and Data Science student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I spent the first semester of my 3rd and final year at the University of Leeds as an exchange student. I'm now writing my Bachelor thesis on the implications of Non-Standard Analysis and the Hyperreal Numbers on Probability Theory.

I have worked part-time as an Operational Trader in an HFT startup, deploying market-making strategies on the financial markets.

My interests lie in pure mathematics and cosmology. I am now covering these subjects generally to provide the foundation upon which to build a deeper and more fundamental knowledge during graduate studies. 

The list of accredited math courses I've taken/I'm taking (separate from my personal study) is as follows:

The proofs showing the achievement of the courses can be found here.