Math and Beyond: 

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You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him discover it in himself.

— Galileo Galilei

Episode 23

Muon g-2, LBNF, DUNE, and Fermilab stuff - with Sudeshna Ganguly. Find her research work on Google Scholar here

Episode 22

New Physics Beyond the Standard Model - with Andrea Caputo. Find his research work on Google Scholar here

Episode 21

Computational Cosmology and Simulations - with Sownak Bose. Find his LinkedIn here and his research work on Google Scholar here

Episode 20

Ricci Flow, Entropy and Quantum Stuff - with Davide De Biasio. Find his YouTube channel here and his research work here

Episode 19

Quantum Gravity - with Alicia Castro. Her research work can be found here

Episode 18

Probing Dark Matter through Gravitational Waves - with Theo Karydas. His Research Gate profile here, you can find his last paper here on Nature.

Episode 17

Causal Inference and Targeted Learning - with Christopher Oldnall.

Episode 16

The Milky Way, Variable Stars, AGN and Machine Learning - with Nina Hernitschek. Find her website and research work here.

Episode 15

Neutrinos and Fundamental Questions - with Jessica Turner. Find her outstanding research work here.

Episode 14

Quantum Computing, DNA Computing and Error Correction Methods - with Manish Gupta. Find his website and research work here.

Episode 13

Standard Model, Quantum Field Theory and Higgs Boson- with Cesare Cazzaniga. Find his academic work here.

Episode 12

Probabilistic Machine Learning- with Nicola Branchini. Find his academic work here.

Episode 11

General Relativity & Einstein's Field Equation - with Shounak Bhattacharya. His YouTube channel with marvellous content for physics and math enthusiasts here

Episode 10

Gravitational Waves, Parameter Inference & Machine Learning - with Uddipta Bhardwaj. His academic work here, his GitHub here

Episode 9

The Poincaré Conjecture & Cosmology - with Thomas Bakx

Episode 8

Fluid Dynamics & Lava Flow - with Toon Muskens

Episode 7

Dark Matter - with Pau Petit Rosàs

Episode 6

ΛCDM model and Black Holes Superradiance - with Gimmy Tomaselli (His research papers)

Episode 5

Neutrinos and the PTOLEMY experiment - with Saad el Morabit

Episode 4

Black Holes - with Shreesh Sahai

Episode 3

Eclipsing Binary Star Systems - with Bhavesh Rajpoot

Episode 2

Neuromorphic Computing - with Tim Kamsma (Tim's Google Scholar)

Episode 1

Life Cycle of a Star - with Manvi Jain