Mathematics is the music of reason.

— James Joseph Sylvester

An unconventional source of entertainment

The purpose of this section is to show you some enticing proofs I learn. They will not be mathematically rigorous, as the purpose is only to provide for an intuition of the reason why the statement is true. 

Let yourself be seduced by the allurement of mathematical reasoning!

The area of a circle

Here I present Archimede's intuition behind the computation of the area of a circle.

Archimede’s “proof” of the area of a circle.pdf

A Geometric Proof of Special Relativity

I first read this proof in the book 'E Luce Fu' by Gabriele Ghisellini. I was immediately excited by it because with a very elegant reasoning we are showing how time for an observer can be different from the time experienced by another observer: time different than some other time! How radical this is ?!

Geometric proof of special relativity.pdf

If you need a clearer explanation I've uploaded two videos on YouTube where I prove this result explaining more extensively each step. Check them out!

Part I

Part II